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Franklin Park Co-Op Preschool's Philosophy

We are a developmentally appropriate "play school" where children learn both social, emotional and academic skills through hands on activities. Children will explore through getting dirty, wet, sandy, manipulating art supplies and using all 5 senses to explore the world around them.

We strive to create an atmosphere where children are nurtured with acceptance and kindness while developing a love of learning and excitement to participate.

Our environment supports, language and literacy development, math and science exploration, as well as art and music experiences.

Importance Of Parent Involvement

Our school is a unique opportunity to be intimately involved with your child's education. Studies indicate that this is an important indicator of student success. Being in your child's classroom on a consistent basis helps to creates a sense of significance and belonging in your children.

Your contribution in the classrooms is an important part of our preschool being a positive, loving and quality early childhood program. We love having parents bring their curriculum ideas and life experience to expand our learning environment.

In a co-op preschool, you will get to know your child's friends, and their families, and have the opportunity to be a part of a community as well as develop life-long friendships homes.

Our Board of Directors are parents elected by the parent membership. They are responsible for decisions related to the running of the program and upholding the by-laws of our non-profit status.

A co-op is created by people who work together towards a common goal. In our case, all families, along with our educated and experienced teachers, contribute to ensure the school runs safely and efficiently.

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Meet our Director, Teacher,
and current Board Members

Meet The Whole Board

Meet our Director, Teachers, and current board members who are parents and members that make Franklin Park co-op Possible


Catherine McCracken-Jones

Director - Early Learners Teacher

Linda Carter

Pre-K Teacher

Robby Dearth

Board President

Timothy Hughes

Vice President

Claudia Barahona

Early Learners Class Rep


Pre K Class Rep

Colleen Bryson


Holly Michelle


Janet Kim


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