We are a non-profit parent cooperative preschool serving children from ages 2 years 9 months through 5 years. We are located in Franklin Park on the north east side of town.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Franklin Park Preschool is to provide a supportive atmosphere of discovery, joy, and creativity; A place where children can learn about the world around them through social interaction and hands on learning.  

Our Philosophy

Franklin Park co-op Preschool can best be described as a developmentally appropriate ‘play school’, where the children learn to play and play to learn. In early childhood, children learn social and academic skills through play. The curriculum is established by our professional teachers in partnership with the parents, who play an essential role in their children’s learning by working in the classroom. Together they work to provide a safe and supportive atmosphere in which the child feels a sense of order and stability. Keeping the individual child’s needs in mind, we provide a learning environment where both child initiated play and adult guided experiences are incorporated within developmental learning centers. Through this hands-on, integrated learning process, we support the child’s growth in social-emotional development, language and literacy development, science and math exploration, healthy physical growth and the visual and performing arts.  
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